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2019 Annual Conference

April 24-27, 2019, San Diego, California


   The Association for Borderlands Studies invites proposals for individual papers and complete panels related to the study of borders:


   The organizing theme for the 2019 annual conference is “BORDERS HERE, THERE, EVERYWHERE” - these are non-contiguous borders such as airports, seaports, but also logistics platforms and transportation networks that straddle past national physical boundaries, state and provincial boundary lines whether they are territorial or even legal/regulatory limits, even sometimes virtual; they are connecting the local with the global nexus; Some of them are a-territorial in nature (an exception in the past – the new norm today),  and often, they are superimposing themselves onto traditional territorial borders, which remain prominent but are at the same time profoundly transformed. These affect the flows of goods, and also human mobility occasionally in murderous ways. They are here, there, and possibly, everywhere, and can be found in the middle of cities miles away from international boundary lines.


Partnership with COLEF, Mexico:

   The Association of Borderlands Studies and El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, a CONACYT research center specialized in border studies, are pleased to announce their partnership on the 2019 WSSA/ABS annual meeting. Panels will be held at COLEF campus in San Antonio del Mar (Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico) on Saturday 27th .


•         Register to the conference at www.wssaweb.com/conference-registration.html

•         Pay your 2019 ABS membership at https://absborderlands.org/membership/


 Colóquio “Fronteiras nas Américas" 11 a 13 de junho de 2019 - Grenoble - França

Chamada para Comunicações - Extensão para apresentação de propostas em inglês, francês ou espanhol 
Sejam contestadas, transgredidas, transcendidas, reforçadas ou integradas, as fronteiras estão no centro do debate político. Este colóquio - o primeiro de uma série intitulada "Fronteiras, Espaços e Poderes" - enfocará fronteiras em uma era geográfica particular: o continente americano. 
31 de outubro de 2018: Data limite para envio de proposições 
Maiores detalhes em Frontières dans les Amériques